Saturday, 30 November 2013

Self Indulgent, Over Indulgent, Healthily Indulgent? The Accidental Bus Driver's Guide To A Good Tasty Life

Over-indulgence led me to having three stents inserted into my heart. I asked my consultant hopefully whether my heart disease was due to family history, genetic weakness or bad luck.

'No,' he replied, 'in your case it is just 40 years of too good living.'

After heart rehabilitation classes, I am now far more careful about what I eat and the exercise I take. The nurses said nothing is prohibited; obviously some foods are very bad for you and advisable in very small amounts or as treats but generally if you eat more fresh greens and fruit and less fatty foods and fried things - life will be good.

So I have started this guide, as I have always loved food and love simple food, fresh and well cooked. Paying for pink tablecloths and linen napkins does not interest me. The rest of the world goes out to eat for the best food. Why can't Britain be the same?

Thanks to the vast array of different cultures in Britain these days, there is a wide variety of wonderful foods available. Fresh, healthy, lovingly prepared and served by friendly people. The venue can be a shed - as long as the food is not compromised.

There will be some places which serve fried food, but based on the sensible advice that fish and chips are fine as a treat and not food for everyday of the week, then this is fine. A little of what you fancy ... but you won't find mass conglomerate food chains, doughnut drive-throughs, Sunday carveries or any fusion here.

Food is for all. I hope you like the eclectic taste.

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